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So Who The Hell Am I?

My name is Sarah Burtcher! But I go by Befish! I'm an 22 year old cartoonist who works primarily in Clip Studio Paint. I draw cute girls, stream as an VTuber on Twitch, and do art commissions for a living!


I have been working in my passion for more than 10 years, developing a style of my own and making a name for myself under BefishProductions around 2014 through different fandoms such as the My Little Pony fandom. At the beginning of 2020, I moved out on my own and currently live as a full-time Commission Artist, and part-time Streamer on Twitch! 

What experiences do I have?

I've done many things outside of my own personal artwork. This includes commissions, conventions, and even working for small businesses and YouTubers for their main content. 

My biggest experience was in 2017; I was made the art lead of a small local convention known as Crystal Mountain Pony Con. Years prior to that, I had worked as their main poster artist. I currently work on Trotcon's Design Team, and have also worked on the Babscon and SeaquestriaFest design teams as well!

I do regular commissions for people who just want to see characters they own come to life, and bigger commissions for people regarding their internet presence, such as for YouTube Channels or Twitch Streams, and even Live2D Rigging for the VTubing community! 

If you have a project you'd like to consider me for, head on down to my Commission Information area, or just to my Contact area! I do this sort of stuff for a living, and am always open to new customers! 


What else can I do?

I have many other small skills outside of my personal and commissioned work.

Certified-wise, this includes:

Digital Media

Commercial Arts

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint

Digital Marketing

Business Communications

I also know a little program known as Live2D, which is used for rigging 2D artwork for Face Tracking! (And regular animation, but I'm more focused on the tracking.)

If you'd like to see more information on this sort of stuff, wander down to my Contact page, which includes my public resume! 

Want more of Sarah's Art?

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Is this website not enough art for you guys? Do you want to see more from this dork?

We have many social media accounts! You can follow us on things such as Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook!

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Curious on how to support this cartoonist and her craft?

If you're not looking for an artist for a large project, or looking to hire, we also take small commissions, and sell merchandise!

We also have a small community you can join!

Well, not community per say. More like a small Discord server for Friends and Fans. But if you're looking for a small place to hang out and make new friends, along with get updates on when commissions are open, sales are going, I'm streaming, and whatnot, come join us!

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