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Befish's Commission Info

Comm Examples 2023 lines.png
a grill 3.png


Main Prices!





Half Body

Full Body

These Commissions are Single Character, and come with a Color Splash background!



Comm Examples 2023 3.png

Half Body

Full Body



Additional Characters
Are Always +50% The Base Price!

all a girl can ask for t.png

Half Body

Full Body



These Prices Differ Wildly depending on the detail, the background, the shading, etc. etc. Lots to consider.
Make sure to DM for a Quote!


Full Illustrations

Special Prices!

Twitch Emotes

Special Prices

Pack of 5 - $80
$20 Individually

oop 2.0.png
sarah lurk.png

"PNGTubers" - $50

These are simply two images, one with a closed mouth and one with an open mouth, that one can use while streaming to show them talking!
Some people use it for themselves, and some people use it for their friends during streams with multiple people!
I sell these as Chibis!

These are also made for VeadoTube

and come with eye blinking frames as well!

You can add different emotes for $20 Each!
Comes with, Open Mouth, Closed Mouth, Eye Blinking Frames for each emote.


Reference Sheets

bun redo.png

$60 Tier 
Front Pose | Color Scheme
$90 Tier
Front Pose | Back Pose | Color Scheme
$120 Tier
Front Pose | Back Pose | Color Scheme | 2 Outfits
Other Prices
Ex. Outfits, Pattern Visuals, or Items - $15 
Designing the Character Myself - $60

Sylvie design.png

Both Of These Examples are Designed By Me!

Where to Contact?


Payments Accepted?

PayPal Logo.png
Stripe Logo.png

We Take...


VGen takes Stripe, and I can also take it myself!
Stripe is a payment website that doesn't require any account, it just requires a card. As if you're just making a regular online purchase!

PayPal is the option to choose if you plan on paying with your PayPal balance, or if you just have everything hooked up to your PayPal already. 

It's a VTuber Centric commission website, where you can fill out a form of what you'd like exactly! All commission types are available on that website! 

Of course, if you don't want to go through a form, or prefer a more personal interaction for your commission, I'm always available to be DM'd on other socials! 

My Twitter!

My main Social Media

You can also join my Discord Server!

My DMs are open there!

And I also have a Business Email!

In case you don't have any of these!

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