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Would you like me to work for you?

You can contact me here! 

If you're looking for more of just a simple image instead of a full-out job, please check out my quick commission information here!

If you're not sure yet about hiring me, or would like to see my past experience, you can find my public resume and portfolio here!


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I Look Forward to Responding!

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Side Note before Contacting

Please remember that that stuff isn't cheap. If you want to work on something like this with me, you should probably have a budget to work with, and be prepared to face the price that I may come up with.  You're not going to get a full project done on five dollars. Things are going to get real pricey when it comes down to selling things and making a profit with my art. That's when Royalties, Resell Fees, etc. have to get involved. 

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