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Live2D Prices

I do have specific rules and standards for Live2D Rigs and Models, so please read the page all the way through before contacting!! 

Full Package
(Model Art + Rig)

Full Pack

I will ONLY accept characters that fit my style for full-packages! If I don't think your character really fits my art style and my skills, then I won't take the commission. For a full project as big as a Live2D Model, I want the character to fit as well into my style as I can! Maybe look through my Portfolio for exaples of the characters I work with. I mostly like cute, simple girl designs, but of course, that isn't my limit! Feel free to DM me to ask if you're not sure!
I understand that a lot of VTuber designs are complex, and while I'm down to rig them, I think your model may work better in a different art style. Thanks for understanding!
Your character must still follow the rules of my TOS, and must already be designed and have some sort of visual reference! 


Very Simple





The base prices include all the basic rigging. Body movement, Head tilts, Eyes, Physics, etc. The whole shibang.

For Additional Add-Ons!

Facial Emotes . $45
Arm/Body Emotes . $75
Alt. Outfits . +35%
Custom Designing the VTuber . +50%

Live2D Rigs
(Just The Rigging)

Just Rig

This Option is only for RIGGINGYou would need to either commission an artist to create the model, or make it yourself, and it must be layered out a specific way. 

Half Body/ $175
Full Body / $220

The base prices include all the basic rigging. Body movement, Head tilts, Eyes, Physics, etc. The whole shibang.

For Additional Add-Ons!

Facial Emotes . $20
Arm/Body Emotes . $45
Alt. Outfits . $50

Requirements For The Live2D PSD

If you don't know how the layering works on Live2D, this tutorial may help you.
One thing that's missing from that tutorial, is a layer is also needed with your closed eye for each eye for my style of rigging.
If you are wanting custom Emotes/Actions, any extra presets must also be made in that file.
My Live2D Models are also specifically made for VTube Studio, and have the body movement rigged to the face movement for it.

FYI - I am totally down to help you with your VTuber Model PSD!
If you'd like me to approve it before it's ready to be rigged, and help explain how certain things need to be layered, I am always down to help!
But please be aware that I will be asking for certain fixes whether or not you asked for help, and these fixes that I ask for are to make the model move correctly and make my process smoother.
Most, if not all, of the fixes I ask for are not optional. If you truly want me to go through and fix your file, I will have to ask for a fee.

Where to Contact?

It's a VTuber Centric commission website, where you can fill out a form of what you'd like exactly! All commission types are available on that website! 

Of course, if you don't want to go through a form, or prefer a more personal interaction for your commission, I'm always available to be DM'd on other socials! 

My Twitter!

My main Social Media

You can also join my Discord Server!

My DMs are open there!

And I also have a Business Email!

In case you don't have any of these!

Payments Accepted?

PayPal Logo.png
Stripe Logo.png

We Take...


VGen takes Stripe, and I can also take it myself!
Stripe is a payment website that doesn't require any account, it just requires a card. As if you're just making a regular online purchase!

PayPal is the option to choose if you plan on paying with your PayPal balance, or if you just have everything hooked up to your PayPal already. 


with Live2D Prices specifically, I can either take the full price upfront (As stated in my TOS), OR I can take 50% before I start & 50% after the Model is ready to be rigged!

(50% Before / 50% after the rigging is done for Rig-Only commissions.)

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